Explain how technology helps the society to improve?

Technology-enabled Solutions are sales that are subjective. The machine is not bought by people. Sales people often perceive technology so the functionality is focused on by them. Sales people understand that clients care about the outcomes the technology empowers. This difference in understanding about the essence of technology is the element in determining a sales person’s achievement. Technology is the actualization of concepts. The more theories which are actualized, the stronger the technology is. By way of example, a computer chip is in my car which makes me a better driver. The car starting to creep on a patch of ice is sensed by the computer chip. Before am aware there might be an issue, so the vehicle responds to the changing road conditions it sends messages. This program is the actualization of concepts that span the areas of mechanical engineering, physics, human perception, and computer applications. It would have a very long time to explain how it worked. As a car buyer cares that it makes me a safer driver.

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The technology that is more complex is, the greater the abstraction. Benefits are being more than simply related by selling abstractions. It is about linking this technology’s performance to the end result that is this technology’s promise. Can appreciate the value of the vehicle’s computer once understand my driving enhances controlled device. Do not perceive the advantage if the sales person explains brakes. Then would not believe her if she tells me that will be a better driver, but does not explain how. She has to help me understand the connection between the results which are important to me shall value the technology and the technology is implemented. The Translation of concept into applications that provide benefits is the heart of selling value. Value is created when the customer thinks the technology solution will help them reach their aims. To develop the conviction of the customer you need to incorporate their procedure and their learning process.

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The Sales person must offer the appropriate information at the perfect time to the customer. It has to be done in urgency a manner that increases the client’s perception of need and appreciation of this solution’s value contribution. The Information puzzle becomes more complicated as we incorporate the speed of change. It becomes impossible to stay current and informed as the technology evolves and its applications expand. The body of information that the sales person draws upon to market a technology solution is evolving. Products mutate. Older ones are replaced by new technologies. Competitors’ products vary. Markets accelerate. Each change has the most effective ways and consequences for customers purchase. Keeping Current about of the things that affect a technology sale is not straightforward. It is difficult to keep track of the info that is ever-changing. Its complexity is exponentially increased by the fact that you need to synthesize it into sequenced, client learning experiences that build worth and credibility. Of course money is made by the sales superstars.

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